About the campaign

Ewastetruck.pl is targeted at the inhabitants of Krakow, Wrocław, Katowice and the towns of Upper Silesia which generate waste electric and electronic equipment.

As part of the campaign, residents of selected cities have the option of getting rid of waste household appliances/audio/video equipment directly from their place of residence. Without leaving home, they can  report their intention of getting rid of unnecessary ewaste by calling or going to www.elektrosmieciarka.pl (www.ewastetruck.en).

The Ewastetruck.pl scheme is part of a nationwide educational campaign Use Your Eco-Friendly Imagination, the aim of which is to promote good practices regarding the correct disposal of selected groups of waste. Since waste electrical and electronic equipment belongs to the group of hazardous waste, the devices collected under the Ewastetruck scheme are taken to a specialist recycling plant.

Educational materials (posters, leaflets) published and distributed as part of the campaign inform the public about how to disposal of waste generated from electronic and electrical equipment in an environment-friendly manner.

The organiser of the Ewastetruck.pl scheme is Biosystem Ewasterecycling WEEE Take-Back Scheme S.A. The main partner of the Campaign is Biosystem SA.

Detailed information on the mobile ewaste truck is available at www.elektrosmieciarka.pl