About the campaign

Environmental education on the correct handling of selected groups of waste is an  inseparable aspect of the operations of Biosystem SA and its subsidiaries. Acting on the basis of the Polish environmental laws, the company initiates a number of educational schemes targeted at users of packaged products, electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries and accumulators.

Why do we care about the environment?

Based on many years of experience and due to the obligation to inform the public about the requirement to dispose of waste selectively, Biosystem Group SA has launched the USE YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY IMAGINATION scheme. The aim is to provide comprehensive, long-term information and education campaigns on rational waste management with particular emphasis on the need to raise the awareness of the importance of environmental protection among the contemporary product users.

Whatis the target group for our environmental campaigns?

The measures taken as part of the USE YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY IMAGINATION campaign are aimed at all the participants of the life cycle of a given product from which waste is generated. The target group of individual educational programmes therefore includes: entrepreneurs, recovery and recycling companies, producers of packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, local governments and residents of particular cities and communes. The wide scope of educational activities is aimed at children and teenagers for whom attractive information materials are prepared to support ecological education at school.

The key components of the campaign:

Ewasterecycling Days

Collect Batteries! National Educational Scheme for Schools