About the event

The idea to hold the Ewasterecycling Days project came as a response to alarming statistical data on the amount of ewaste in Polish landfills. Disturbing information about the harmful effects of waste electrical equipment on the natural environment, pessimistic forecasts for the coming years assuming a systematic rise of 5% per year in the amount of ewaste and inappropriate hazardous waste disposal have become an incentive to organise an environmental protection educational event.

The aim of Ewasterecycling Days is to educate the public about correct disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment which belongs to the group of hazardous waste and which requires suitable management due to the presence of substances harmful to the natural environment.

Ewasterecycling Days which last a month in a selected city include educational activities such as competitions for schools (e.g. urban games), educational exhibitions, concerts, happenings and other non-standard projects (e.g. environmental teaser campaigns).

The first edition of Ewasterecycling Days took place in October 2012 in Wrocław. The event proved to be a great success. The activities were enthusiastically welcomed by the residents of Wrocław (the largest group of participants were schoolchildren - a third of the city’s educational institutions took part in organised competitions), as well as by the media (reports on the event were broadcast on several TV stations, there were numerous articles in the press and radio programmes). As a result, Ewasterecycling Days contributed to the victory of the City of Wrocław in the 2013 competition "The Best Recycling Community".

To find out more, please go to www.dnielektrorecyklingu.pl

Wystawa edukacyjna prezentowana na Rynku we Wrocławiu podczas Wrocławskich Dni Elektrorecyklingu 2012.