Battery Festival

The Battery Festival competition was organised by Biosystem Ewasterecycling WEEE Take-Back Scheme S.A. and co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The target group were primary school (classes V-VI) and middle school pupils. The scheme was intended for teams of 10 to 20 pupils from one school. One of the conditions was for each team to have a tutor who was also a teacher from the same school.

The task of the competition participants was to write lyrics that would encourage correct handling of used batteries. The lyrics submitted by the participants were evaluated by a jury and by Internet users who chose the winner through an online vote.

During a four-day workshop the winning team recorded their song with the lyrics chosen by the Internet users in a professional mobile studio and subsequently made a music video for it. Prior to that, the workshop participants practiced their vocal skills so that everyone, regardless of their musical skills, could take part in the project.

The recording was made in cooperation with Paulina Przybysz, the ambassador of the scheme and a recognised Polish singer and composer. The artist has performed with such bands as Sistars, RitaPax Pinnawela and is the winner of many major competitions, e.g. MTV Music Awards. The song was composed in cooperation with experienced musicians. The recorded song and music video were broadcast on the radio and TV stations.

 The aim of the Battery Festival competition was to raise public awareness and understanding of the Poles on the correct handling of waste batteries as well as on the threats to the environment and human beings resulting from their wrong disposal.

The duration of the competition: March - June 2015

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The scheme was co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.