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In the school year 2010/2011, in cooperation with Tesco Polska Sp. z o.o., Tetra Pak and Biosystem Ewasterecycling Take-Back Scheme SA an educational scheme for schools was set up to supplement the curriculum in the field of ecological education. Up to 15,000 schools received CDs containing information on the correct disposal of selected groups of waste and explaining the importance of ecological awareness in the modern world.

The educational scheme carried on in the subsequent school years contains updated and supplemented materials on the need for selective disposal of waste. The attractive teaching materials on the CDs consolidate and systematise the pupils’ knowledge about selected ecological issues.

Colourful multimedia presentations in the form of films, tests and quizzes introduce the pupils to the subject of proper waste management - starting from selective disposal of waste, its processing, recycling and recovery of raw materials as well as disposal of dangerous substances. The latest, fourth edition of the scheme includes an educational film made at the Bolęcin WEEE Recycling Plant which belongs to Biosystem SA. It is estimated that the educational materials on four editions of CDs were seen by about one million children in total


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