Ewaste collection

Collections and transport of ewaste organised by us in the municipalities and large cities take place as part of the information and education campaign launched in 2011 called Use Your Eco-Friendly Imagination whose main goal is to promote eco-friendly behaviour in the correct handling of ewaste. Małopolska, Silesia, Świętokrzyskie and Opole regions are where our events are held.

We invite all the interested municipalities within the range of our operations to cooperate with us in the campaign. Many years of experience in the management of selected types of waste, as well as having our own technical facilities and required permits for the collection, transport and recycling of waste electrical equipment make us a reliable partner meeting the obligation to properly manage household ewaste in the municipalities.

 We provide the following for the municipalities and cities which cooperate with us:

  • information materials promoting the collection of ewaste (posters, leaflets),
  • organisation of ewaste collection at sites and times indicated by a given municipality or in another manner convenient for such a municipality
  • transport of collected equipment to the WEEE Recycling Plant in Bolęcin (we hold the required permits),
  • confirmation of the collection carried out in a given municipality (Waste Transfer Card)
  • gadgets referring to environmental protection

Methods of ewaste collection taking into account the area, housing type and preferences of residents:

  • a method whereby residents put out waste equipment in front of their house at a specified time (preferred method in the country),
  • a method whereby a truck waits at selected locations at certain times (preferred method in towns),
  • in urban-rural areas we organise a combined pick-up method where depending on the local architecture the equipment is picked up using either of the methods above,

WEEE Collection Coordinator
phone: 12 296 76 46
email: elektroodpady@biosystem.pl